Articles & Interviews

Panic Room Radio Podcast

In this podcast interview with Panic Room Radio, Faith Pierce talks about scary movie influences and does a live reading of an excerpt from her book.

The Scariest Part Article

In this post for The Scariest Part blog, Faith Pierce writes about what she considers the scariest parts of her debut novel THE FACE YOU WEAR.

Citywide Blackout Podcast

In this podcast interview by Citywide Blackout, Faith Pierce discusses the inspiration behind her book THE FACE YOU WEAR and what drove her to write horror.

Article on Multiple Passions

In this article titled “I Like Books & Choking People”, Faith Pierce writes about balancing her passions of writing and jiu jitsu.

The Deep End Interview

In this written interview by Crystal Lake Publishing, Faith Pierce talks about her career as an author so far, as well as her background and creative influences.